This park is independently owned and exceptionally clean and well maintained.  We particularly noticed how the much the staff seemed to enjoy working here (unlike most of the unhappy employees we've seen along the way).  






Another "hypercoaster".  This monster is 205 feet tall and the first drop is 215 as it falls into a tunnel. The last few hills in particular provide great "air time" (you spend more time out of your seat than in it)!  An all around great coaster.   

DAN           9

SEAN         9



We got "juked" by 2 swift young ladies who jumped into our seats while we weren't looking.  I hope this coaster inflicted as much pain on them as it did on us.  This short coaster is a brute and really put some bruises on us.  Not sure why we always laugh when a coaster is kicking our ass. 

DAN           6

SEAN         6


A German designed, compact 2 loop coaster.  This one may not look like much but it throws more than it's fiar share of punches.  The lap restraint (vs. the usual over the head shoulder-constraint) makes it even intense. 


DAN            6

SEAN          6


A tall wood coaster with a helix directly at the bottom of the first hill (imagine going down a drop and not going back up, but going around a huge curve).  Much of this bumpy ride can be compared to riding a horse!  It's a great looking coaster anyway.

DAN           5

SEAN         4

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