This park as a classic.  Nestled in a valley in the Pennsylvania hills, Knoebels not only retains the look of an amusement park from days gone by, it keeps most of the prices the same too!


PARK RATING           



This one was built in-house using blueprints from the classic (and recently demolished) Mr. Twister outside of Denver Colorado.  With a double lift hill, underground tunnel, great twists, steep drops and plenty of airtime, this coaster  already feels like a classic and it's only 12 days old!







Probably the lowest rated steel coaster on our trip (so far).  This old double corkscrew coaster is very short and pretty tame.  It might be getting close to retirement time for this old ride.


DAN           2

SEAN         2


Our 40th coaster of the trip.  This one has us tying our previous record of 40 in 9 days (5 years ago).  This time we hit the mark in only 5 days with 3 remaining!   The Phoenix is even better than we remember from our last trip -- an "out and back" with all of the marks of a classic -- tunnel (see photo), great drops, and endless amounts of time spent out of the seat!




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