This is a clone of the Six Flags America Mind Eraser.  More of a rough ride, with a great view of the boardwalk and the beach.  Note the water slide in the middle of the coaster.  Oh yeah, one more small detail.  Just last week someone was killed on this ride.  We ended up OK in case you were worried.

DAN           5

SEAN         4




We had to ask the name of this coaster as it had no sign or logo. They called it "Rollings".  The park map called it  "Zyclone".  It starts out like the previously mentioned Doo Wopper but turns out better -- a few fun drops.  We're still wondering why this kiddie coaster has shoulder restraints. 

DAN           2

SEAN         2


This design is identical to the Tidal Wave from Ocean City (yesterday).  The only difference is that the trains appear to be brand new.  We argue as to which is superior, but we still agree that backwards is better.


DAN            5

SEAN          4


Beginner's ride.  And even that is sugar coating it.  Couldn't find much fun on this one, but keep your eye out for a few sudden stops.  Best part was a fun house mirror at the top.  Skip this one!

DAN           1

SEAN         1


A wooden tracked coaster with steel supports, this beautiful, huge coaster sits out on a pier just a few feet from the ocean.  Very long and smooth, it provides some great moments including a drop and tunnel immediately after leaving the station.  

DAN           7

SEAN         7


One for the this ride named what we think it says?

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