We found this to be one of the few coasters in the park that doesn't beat you up too bad.  It appears to be in poor shape (rusty tracks, shaky wood) and makes a lot of squealing noise.  It provides some good airtime and has some great speed.  A fun coaster.

DAN          8

SEAN       8


This coaster offers two tracks with 2 separate experiences:  one side runs the trains backwards (photo) and the other forward.  The conventional side is very rough and not as fun as we used to remember it (not to mention the pealing paint, rusty tracks and neglected landscaping).  The backwards run is much more smooth and fun.

DAN      Forward 5    Backwards 6

SEAN    Forward 5    Backwards 6


Fast and furious, this wood ride does not provide much "airtime" and beats you up in traditional Kings Dominion fashion.  

DAN           4

SEAN         6


Built over a lake, the first drop even plummets into a tunnel below the water level.  Lots of speed and action (especially in the dark) yet seems to be worn and neglected.  Maybe time for some new wheels?

DAN            5

SEAN         7


This indoor dark "linear induction" coaster shoots you out of the station at incredible speed.  That's where the fun stops.  The extra padding at the top of the shoulder constraint isn't enough to stop the pain that this "human blender" delivers.  This poorly designed coaster causes your head to hits the harness over and over until you can't wait for it to stop.  

DAN            3

SEAN          2


A unique toboggan style coaster that the anyone can enjoy.  The flexible cars (they bend in middle) are dropped off the top of the lift and glide to the bottom without the being attached to rails.

DAN             4

SEAN          3




In sharp contrast to all the the low rated coasters in this dirty park, Volcano was easily our favorite (in spite of it's very short total track length).  Another "linear induction" coaster, this one shoots you out, around and then up out of the top of a "volcano".  3 barrel rolls later it's over, yet the exhilaration lingers.

DAN            8

SEAN          8






A standup coaster that we liked to call the "nutcracker", this one provided a lot of laughs and equal amounts of pain.

DAN            5

SEAN          4


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