If we had ridden this kiddie coaster we would have been able to hit the 50 coaster mark.  Instead, we hit the two wooden coasters at this great park and then officially ended the coaster trip.  Time to relax and enjoy Boston.


PARK RATING          9 


An old figure 8 coaster, this one looks mild but has some good surprises.  Look for some good "airtime" when riding in the back seat.


DAN           7

SEAN         7




We got on this coaster thinking it was going to be just another ride.  Boy were we in for a surprise!  Some of the drops and sudden curves are unbelievable and painful (especially in the back seat).  This one caused more bumps and bruises than any other coaster of the trip -- by far -- yet we got off laughing and couldn't wait to get back on and punish ourselves again!  Check out the "photo of a photo" showing Dan inflicting even more pain on Sean!



                      SEAN          9


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